Acceptable Drywall from Residential

1. All drywall is to have proper documentation, declaration, hazardous report, analytical etc. as
required by AC Disposal, WorkSafeBC, and BC Ministry of Environment.

2. All drywall types “Demo/Used drywall, clean drywall/trim ends, and drywall with demo waste”
will be transported by home owner and client will separate as directed by AC Disposal worker.

3. AC Disposal employee will receive and check all documentation and compare it to the loads that
are being received.

4. It will be at AC Disposal’s sole discretion to randomly test drywall.

5. If there is asbestos or any other hazardous waste found during the testing. AC Disposal will have
a qualified company come and do the clean up of the hazardous waste. The client will pay as to
the declaration they signed.

Disposal Fees are:

$197.00 per ton – drywall disposal
$400 per ton – properly packaged may contain asbestos drywall or 0.40 per kilogram

Used Drywall Disposal

Used drywall with post 1990 or later that can be clearly shown. The load can
be received at the facility.

 Our staff needs to be able to see the date stamp clearly and throughout the load of drywall
Used drywall pre 1990 Acceptance:
1. Proper documentation needs to be present with every load of drywall.

 The drywall needs to have a hazardous waste report done by a qualified professional or an
analytical with at least 3 samples (bulk sample with Chain of Custody see example pg….)
accompanied with the load.

  The scale attendant will hand the appropriate declaration to be signed and be directed to the
warehouse employee

Used Drywall Disposal without Documentation

Used drywall without documentation is accepted at our facility as well, each load of residential drywall
must be;

 Delivered by the homeowner in a non-commercial vehicle, the scale attendant will have the
appropriate declaration to be filled out and signed.

 The drywall needs to be proper packaged as well (see below; Bagging Instructions)

 If the bags are overweight they will be turned away for repackaging. There will be NO packaging

Bagging Instructions:

1. Make sure to wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment)

2. Keep dust minimized

3. Place used drywall carefully into first 6ml clear poly bag (limit 15kgs)

4. Twist the top closed and duct tape to seal (gooseneck)

5. Then place into second 6ml clear poly bag and seal in the same way
Each bag needs to be clear and 6ml in thickness and labelled “Used Drywall May Contain Asbestos”

Bags are available for purchase at our facility;

$1.75 per bag
$150.00 per roll
Automatic Tipping Fee
Varies for account holders

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