Our goal at AC Disposal is to work/partner with different municipalities, businesses and work with the public, to make a difference in our community and the environment. Here at AC Disposal we believe that working together can make a big difference and limit the amount of drywall going into the landfills. Recycling is difficult and can be costly, however in the long run it will greatly benefit the environment and future generations. With the help from everyone we would like to aim for recycling all recyclable drywall here in Abbotsford and throughout the FVRD as close to zero drywall waste for all recyclable drywall. The process of recycling will divert tons of thousands of drywall from entering the landfills. This way we can work with one another educating the businesses, communities, and the public on recycling drywall and give them a convenient location to recycle drywall waste in the Fraser Valley. With having this option easily assessable, we are hoping to eliminate illegal dumping of drywall in the Fraser Valley, and other municipalities.

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